Review #1: Unflexed Belly Punch Battle: Kelli Vs. Keri

The Stats

Producer: Spectrum/Custom Requests Fetish
Starring: Keri Spectrum & Kelli Lynn Sage
Punching style: Real, Soft
Length: 12:15
Released: August 4th, 2014


I’m always impressed with Keri Spectrum. She can take a decent punch and she always seems to surprise her co-stars with the power of her punches – even when, in a clip like this, the punches are much more about teasing than punishing. For me though, the real star of this one is Kelli Lyn Sage – she’s incredibly cute, delightfully curvy (see below) and categorically cannot take a punch. This is an “unflexed” belly punching context but I’m not sure that any amount of flexing would have saved Kelli! This is a back and forth “battle” between the two stars – which is to say that Kelli’s punches  bounce off Keri’s abs while Keri’s punches sink into Kelli’s lower belly effortlessly. The one downer for me with this clip is that aside from a couple of shots to Kelli’s incredibly deep belly button at the end, the punches are exclusively to her lower belly – it would have been great to see a few punches to her solar plexus and the ever-neglected sides of the belly too. The fact that Kelli giggles throughout (broken up by the occasional exclamation of “Oh God!”) means the clip doesn’t neatly fit into either of the standard “sexy” or “serious dom” categories but blazes it’s own trail for “fun”. The loser of the battle (spoiler alert — it’s Kelli!) is stripped naked at the end of the clip and subjected to a (fake but fun) strangle KO. If you’re after hard punches to ripped abs, this isn’t the clip for you. But if, like me, you like the sound of a giggling cutie taking playful shots to her soft tummy, this clip is well worth the purchase and a classic of this type of genuine, low intensity punching.
Well, that’s it for my first review! What do you think – agree, disagree, off to immediately find more of Kelli Lyn Sage’s work? On that point, is anyone out there aware of any other punching clips Kelli has made? There’s a Jill Lauren clip (which I love and will be gushing about here in due course) in which she is exclusively the puncher but this Spectrum clip is, sadly, the only time I’ve seen her soft, creamy white belly on the receiving end…

Screengrab #2Screengrab #3Screengrab #4Screengrab #5Screengrab #1Screengrab #7Screengrab #6

Source: screengrabs from clip.
All images are used without permission – please contact the writer if you own the IP in an image and would like it removed.

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