Review #2: Psycho Kitty: Punch Her Guts In

The Stats

Producer: LS Productions (Lost Soul)

Starring: Kitty & Fox

Punching style: Real, Hard

Length: 16:11

Released: December 8th, 2013

Buy it here:


What ever happened to Lost Soul? It’s coming up on a year now since the last LS release and personally, I’m missing them!

Lost Soul and his partner in crime Kitty can each throw a serious punch and they both bring a business like demeanour to the table when they do.

On the receiving end in this clip is Fox. She’s cute as hell, rocking a stunning hourglass figure with a soft, slightly convex belly that begs to be punched. And the good news is – her belly takes some great shots in this clip.
Kitty throws most punches as a hook-like left that straightens at the last moment which, when they connect with Fox’s soft belly, with its wonderful springy quality, makes for an incredible jiggle / distortion effect. Fox’s push-up bra also means that the jiggle migrates from her belly upwards with most shots.
The first five minutes sees Fox taking shots standing up in a mirror filled room. The bulk of the shots are right on the belly button with a few lower belly shots and the occasional slap thrown in for good measure. The navel shots are particularly good, characterised by a satisfying meaty thud, followed by Fox’s knee-trembling “it hurts but I like it” moan.
Afterwards, Fox and Kitty move to the jacuzzi where Fox takes a whole bunch of shots sitting down with her wrists crossed (but not bound) in the small of her back.
The punches again to tend to be focused on the belly button. Kitty periodically splashes water on Fox’s belly but it doesn’t stop it getting good and red.
Unfortunately, the lighting isn’t great in this second scene which does detract a little from the action but the audio is still quite good.
By the end of the scene, it seems as though Fox is genuinely exhausted from the tummy torture and her reactions become more muted towards the close.
Overall, a great little clip. Kitty is an entertaining top and Fox looks and sounds incredible taking her soft belly beatdown. One of the many reasons we need to see a Lost Soul comeback!
Question for y’all – anyone have any further details? Full stage name? Whether she’s been in punching productions other  than Lost Soul? I just can’t get enough of that sweet, jiggly belly…
All pictures are screenshots from the clip – which were surprisingly hard to get on this one!
All images are used without permission – please contact the writer if you own the IP in an image and would like it removed.

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