Review #4: Punching the chubby girl in her soft belly

The Stats

Producer: Soft Belly Punching

Starring: Daniella

Punching style: Real, Soft

Length: 5:30

Released: September 2nd, 2017

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All my reviews here so far have been positive, so let me say first that I’ve always enjoyed the stuff coming out of the Soft Belly Punching studio – especially back in the days of the original model (Kate) who had one of the sexier bellies I’ve come across and always took the punches with the most endearing pout imaginable.

The latest model, Daniella, also looks like she’s got potential with her cute, squishy little belly, pretty face and (although well hidden in this clip) what looks to be a rockin’ rack.

What really draws the attention away from her potential (and a personal bugbear of mine) is the background music blasting, presumably through a potato to judge by the sound quality, for the duration of the clip.

We barely hear a single punch connect or one of Daniella’s reactions because the music drowns it out. This is something that really frustrates me when buying a clip particularly when, as in this case, there’s no warning in the description that blaring music will be drowning out all other sounds. It comes off disappointingly amateur.

While I’d recommend giving this particular clip a miss, I’ll certainly watching this space – I can’t wait to see Daniella take some punishment in a better produced clip in future (and if she has a bit less clothing on too, all the better).



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Review #3: Leanni meets Phoenix

The Stats

Producer: Belly Busting (Jill Lauren Productions)

Starring: Leanni & Phoenix

Punching style: Real, Medium/Hard

Length: 22:44

Released: January 10th, 2016

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Jill Lauren was one of my earliest introductions to belly punching and her productions continue to consistently deliver the goods. This clip is a great back and forward affair – what’s surprising though is which girl ultimately gets the better of the exchanges.

Phoenix is tall and slim and rocks a flat, taut belly (not to mention a pretty face) and the punches tend to land with a slap. Leanni on the other hand is tiny, plump and just incredibly cute. Phoenix’s punches sink into her softer belly with a thud and a pleasing amount of jiggle. The crazy part though is that Leanni greets the shots with a huge grin on her face and, frequently, a giggle as well. While Phoenix is visibly showing the signs of the punches she’s taken by the end of clip, Leanni is still joking around and looks ready to go another round.

It’s worth noting that, although the punches in this one are solid, this is not a punching “competition” in the normal sense – both girls remain light hearted throughout and there’s definitely no hint of animosity (right up to the hug at the very end).

The action takes places over several rounds of kneeling and lying punches, with and without a blindfold.

Unfortunately, the girls’ backs are not against the wall for the kneeling punches, so they tend to move backwards with them a little. This is obviously not the case for the ground punches though and this is where the best blows occur.

For me, the best punches Phoenix takes are right at the end of the clip, held in a loose body scissor type hold. Tragically, Leanni doesn’t take any shots in a comparable position but she would have looked amazing if she did! The bulk of the punches to Phoenix throughout are to the solar plexus and, although she ends up with a glowing red midsection by the end of the clip, she doesn’t take punches of the same force as Leanni does.

Leanni’s best punches are taken laying on her back, hands crossed in the small of her back with Phoenix straddling her and also, oh so fleetingly, in a loose head scissors at the end of the clip (I would’ve loved to see her take more in this sexy position). Leanni takes punches across her midsection with some great hooks slapping into the side of her belly at navel level and also some straights above and to the side of her deep innie.

All in all, Leanni is the star of this clip for me. She has a lusciously soft belly and she takes some solid shots with a million-watt smile on her dial.

One final point to note is that there are two cameras shooting this one so there isn’t 22 minutes of different punches in this one – instead, several of the rounds are shown from two angles. That said, his is a great little clip and well worth the price.


As always, if you know any other details about the stars of this one (particular the sultry Leanni), I’d love to hear from you. Both these girls have done other shoots for Jill Lauren (perhaps to be reviewed here at a later date) but I’ve not seen Leanni turn up anywhere else to date.


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Review #2: Psycho Kitty: Punch Her Guts In

The Stats

Producer: LS Productions (Lost Soul)

Starring: Kitty & Fox

Punching style: Real, Hard

Length: 16:11

Released: December 8th, 2013

Buy it here:


What ever happened to Lost Soul? It’s coming up on a year now since the last LS release and personally, I’m missing them!

Lost Soul and his partner in crime Kitty can each throw a serious punch and they both bring a business like demeanour to the table when they do.

On the receiving end in this clip is Fox. She’s cute as hell, rocking a stunning hourglass figure with a soft, slightly convex belly that begs to be punched. And the good news is – her belly takes some great shots in this clip.
Kitty throws most punches as a hook-like left that straightens at the last moment which, when they connect with Fox’s soft belly, with its wonderful springy quality, makes for an incredible jiggle / distortion effect. Fox’s push-up bra also means that the jiggle migrates from her belly upwards with most shots.
The first five minutes sees Fox taking shots standing up in a mirror filled room. The bulk of the shots are right on the belly button with a few lower belly shots and the occasional slap thrown in for good measure. The navel shots are particularly good, characterised by a satisfying meaty thud, followed by Fox’s knee-trembling “it hurts but I like it” moan.
Afterwards, Fox and Kitty move to the jacuzzi where Fox takes a whole bunch of shots sitting down with her wrists crossed (but not bound) in the small of her back.
The punches again to tend to be focused on the belly button. Kitty periodically splashes water on Fox’s belly but it doesn’t stop it getting good and red.
Unfortunately, the lighting isn’t great in this second scene which does detract a little from the action but the audio is still quite good.
By the end of the scene, it seems as though Fox is genuinely exhausted from the tummy torture and her reactions become more muted towards the close.
Overall, a great little clip. Kitty is an entertaining top and Fox looks and sounds incredible taking her soft belly beatdown. One of the many reasons we need to see a Lost Soul comeback!
Question for y’all – anyone have any further details? Full stage name? Whether she’s been in punching productions other  than Lost Soul? I just can’t get enough of that sweet, jiggly belly…
All pictures are screenshots from the clip – which were surprisingly hard to get on this one!
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Review #1: Unflexed Belly Punch Battle: Kelli Vs. Keri

The Stats

Producer: Spectrum/Custom Requests Fetish
Starring: Keri Spectrum & Kelli Lynn Sage
Punching style: Real, Soft
Length: 12:15
Released: August 4th, 2014


I’m always impressed with Keri Spectrum. She can take a decent punch and she always seems to surprise her co-stars with the power of her punches – even when, in a clip like this, the punches are much more about teasing than punishing. For me though, the real star of this one is Kelli Lyn Sage – she’s incredibly cute, delightfully curvy (see below) and categorically cannot take a punch. This is an “unflexed” belly punching context but I’m not sure that any amount of flexing would have saved Kelli! This is a back and forth “battle” between the two stars – which is to say that Kelli’s punches  bounce off Keri’s abs while Keri’s punches sink into Kelli’s lower belly effortlessly. The one downer for me with this clip is that aside from a couple of shots to Kelli’s incredibly deep belly button at the end, the punches are exclusively to her lower belly – it would have been great to see a few punches to her solar plexus and the ever-neglected sides of the belly too. The fact that Kelli giggles throughout (broken up by the occasional exclamation of “Oh God!”) means the clip doesn’t neatly fit into either of the standard “sexy” or “serious dom” categories but blazes it’s own trail for “fun”. The loser of the battle (spoiler alert — it’s Kelli!) is stripped naked at the end of the clip and subjected to a (fake but fun) strangle KO. If you’re after hard punches to ripped abs, this isn’t the clip for you. But if, like me, you like the sound of a giggling cutie taking playful shots to her soft tummy, this clip is well worth the purchase and a classic of this type of genuine, low intensity punching.
Well, that’s it for my first review! What do you think – agree, disagree, off to immediately find more of Kelli Lyn Sage’s work? On that point, is anyone out there aware of any other punching clips Kelli has made? There’s a Jill Lauren clip (which I love and will be gushing about here in due course) in which she is exclusively the puncher but this Spectrum clip is, sadly, the only time I’ve seen her soft, creamy white belly on the receiving end…

Screengrab #2Screengrab #3Screengrab #4Screengrab #5Screengrab #1Screengrab #7Screengrab #6

Source: screengrabs from clip.
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Welcome to Belly Punch Blog

Welcome aboard!

The reason I started this blog is this: I’ve been into this belly punching thing for a number of years. When I first started out, there were a limited number of producers out there but there was a real sense of community (mostly driven by the various message boards out there at the time). Over time, the volume of BP content has increased (thanks, interwebs!) but it feels as though the community aspect went in the opposite direction.

I’m not so bold as to think my personal musings will change any of that but what I do hope is that I can generate some discussion amongst other BP fans out there.

So, what’s the plan here? I like to talk belly punching, so basically I’m planning to post now and then on my personal thoughts (what I like about BP and the community), share some reviews of releases by different producers and (hopefully) engage with you, dear readers, on your thoughts.

So, finally, some disclaimers… I’ve never blogged before and have zero web design experience, so please bear with me! Secondly, I’m not a producer or associated with any producer, so all opinions are my own and freely given. Finally, I’ll do my best to respond to any questions and comments you may have but I live a fairly hectic life, so please don’t take slow responses personally!

I’d love to hear your thoughts as this thing progresses. In the meantime, happy punching!