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Review #4: Punching the chubby girl in her soft belly

The Stats Producer: Soft Belly Punching Starring: Daniella Punching style: Real, Soft Length: 5:30 Released: September 2nd, 2017 Buy it here: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/28761/18275838/Punching+the+chubby+girl+in+her+soft+belly   Review All my reviews here so far have been positive, so let me say first that I’ve always enjoyed the stuff… Continue Reading “Review #4: Punching the chubby girl in her soft belly”

Review #3: Leanni meets Phoenix

The Stats Producer: Belly Busting (Jill Lauren Productions) Starring: Leanni & Phoenix Punching style: Real, Medium/Hard Length: 22:44 Released: January 10th, 2016 Buy it here: http://www.bellypain.com/productinfo.aspx?productid=JLP-636 or https://clips4sale.com/studio/21421/16492274/LEANNI+meets+PHOENIX+Clear+HD Review Jill Lauren was one of my earliest introductions to belly punching and her productions continue… Continue Reading “Review #3: Leanni meets Phoenix”

Review #2: Psycho Kitty: Punch Her Guts In

The Stats Producer: LS Productions (Lost Soul) Starring: Kitty & Fox Punching style: Real, Hard Length: 16:11 Released: December 8th, 2013 Buy it here: https://clips4sale.com/studio/56373/9966237/%2ANEW+LSF%2A-+%22Psycho+Kitty%3A+Punch+Her+Gut%27s+In%22 Review What ever happened to Lost Soul? It’s coming up on a year now since the last LS release… Continue Reading “Review #2: Psycho Kitty: Punch Her Guts In”

Review #1: Unflexed Belly Punch Battle: Kelli Vs. Keri

The Stats Producer: Spectrum/Custom Requests Fetish Starring: Keri Spectrum & Kelli Lynn Sage Punching style: Real, Soft Length: 12:15 Released: August 4th, 2014 Buy it here: https://clips4sale.com/studio/39712/4684461/Unflexed-Belly-Punch-Battle–Kelli-Vs–Keri Review I’m always impressed with Keri Spectrum. She can take a decent punch and she always seems… Continue Reading “Review #1: Unflexed Belly Punch Battle: Kelli Vs. Keri”