Review #4: Punching the chubby girl in her soft belly

The Stats

Producer: Soft Belly Punching

Starring: Daniella

Punching style: Real, Soft

Length: 5:30

Released: September 2nd, 2017

Buy it here:



All my reviews here so far have been positive, so let me say first that I’ve always enjoyed the stuff coming out of the Soft Belly Punching studio – especially back in the days of the original model (Kate) who had one of the sexier bellies I’ve come across and always took the punches with the most endearing pout imaginable.

The latest model, Daniella, also looks like she’s got potential with her cute, squishy little belly, pretty face and (although well hidden in this clip) what looks to be a rockin’ rack.

What really draws the attention away from her potential (and a personal bugbear of mine) is the background music blasting, presumably through a potato to judge by the sound quality, for the duration of the clip.

We barely hear a single punch connect or one of Daniella’s reactions because the music drowns it out. This is something that really frustrates me when buying a clip particularly when, as in this case, there’s no warning in the description that blaring music will be drowning out all other sounds. It comes off disappointingly amateur.

While I’d recommend giving this particular clip a miss, I’ll certainly watching this space – I can’t wait to see Daniella take some punishment in a better produced clip in future (and if she has a bit less clothing on too, all the better).



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