Review #3: Leanni meets Phoenix

The Stats

Producer: Belly Busting (Jill Lauren Productions)

Starring: Leanni & Phoenix

Punching style: Real, Medium/Hard

Length: 22:44

Released: January 10th, 2016

Buy it here: or


Jill Lauren was one of my earliest introductions to belly punching and her productions continue to consistently deliver the goods. This clip is a great back and forward affair – what’s surprising though is which girl ultimately gets the better of the exchanges.

Phoenix is tall and slim and rocks a flat, taut belly (not to mention a pretty face) and the punches tend to land with a slap. Leanni on the other hand is tiny, plump and just incredibly cute. Phoenix’s punches sink into her softer belly with a thud and a pleasing amount of jiggle. The crazy part though is that Leanni greets the shots with a huge grin on her face and, frequently, a giggle as well. While Phoenix is visibly showing the signs of the punches she’s taken by the end of clip, Leanni is still joking around and looks ready to go another round.

It’s worth noting that, although the punches in this one are solid, this is not a punching “competition” in the normal sense – both girls remain light hearted throughout and there’s definitely no hint of animosity (right up to the hug at the very end).

The action takes places over several rounds of kneeling and lying punches, with and without a blindfold.

Unfortunately, the girls’ backs are not against the wall for the kneeling punches, so they tend to move backwards with them a little. This is obviously not the case for the ground punches though and this is where the best blows occur.

For me, the best punches Phoenix takes are right at the end of the clip, held in a loose body scissor type hold. Tragically, Leanni doesn’t take any shots in a comparable position but she would have looked amazing if she did! The bulk of the punches to Phoenix throughout are to the solar plexus and, although she ends up with a glowing red midsection by the end of the clip, she doesn’t take punches of the same force as Leanni does.

Leanni’s best punches are taken laying on her back, hands crossed in the small of her back with Phoenix straddling her and also, oh so fleetingly, in a loose head scissors at the end of the clip (I would’ve loved to see her take more in this sexy position). Leanni takes punches across her midsection with some great hooks slapping into the side of her belly at navel level and also some straights above and to the side of her deep innie.

All in all, Leanni is the star of this clip for me. She has a lusciously soft belly and she takes some solid shots with a million-watt smile on her dial.

One final point to note is that there are two cameras shooting this one so there isn’t 22 minutes of different punches in this one – instead, several of the rounds are shown from two angles. That said, his is a great little clip and well worth the price.


As always, if you know any other details about the stars of this one (particular the sultry Leanni), I’d love to hear from you. Both these girls have done other shoots for Jill Lauren (perhaps to be reviewed here at a later date) but I’ve not seen Leanni turn up anywhere else to date.


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